Thermal System

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Production Means

     1、 Xu shui factory is equipped with 8 fully automatic assembly machines with an annual capacity of 2.4 millions heat exchangers. All the productions steps are done in parallel: fin forming, core assembly, header assembly.Thanks to the high level of automation the cpk reaches 1.67;


     2、The factory is equipped with two continuous Noclok brazing furnaces (nitrogen-protected). The parts are pre-sprayed, and the pass rate of one-time offline exceeds 98.5%, reaching one of the highest levels in the industry.


    3、The two HVAC assembly lines are fitted with both of visual, acousto-optic alarm and SAP systems, in order to control the quality during the whole process. In 2018, the quality level, registered at OEM side, was bout 7PPM.

    4、 Mind designs, develops and manufactures electronic gear changers, electronic coolant pumps and HVAC control panels. We production lines with an annual capacity of 0.3 million sets.

    5、 Mind produces its own folded tubes. All radiators are fitted with these tubes, in order to reduce both the weight and the cost by more than 20% vs. traditional welded tubes.